A little inspiration for those losing hope

So, back some years ago, I had a friend that got in a little trouble. He had to end up doing a little time in the pin. Before he went though, we use to go over to his grandma’s sometimes and run it with her. She always had the same story in the end though. She was tired and had outlived her husband by many years and was ready to go. She knew where she was going so it made it all that much more desirable for her to go. After my friend had been in for a while he got a call that his grandma was dying and they were going to escort him over to the hospital and let him attend the funeral. By the time he had gotten to the hospital, there was just enough time for him to say his goodbyes. No sooner than he showed up in her room and said he loved her, she flatlined. As per procedure I’m guessing, the doctors took and shocked her one time. He said that she looked up them and asked, ” why did you do that, I was talking to people I haven’t seen in years.”. Then she took a breathe and left back out to that awesome place she had just glimpsed at! That’s a pretty convincing account as far as I’m concerned and I still use it for inspiration to avoid the pitfalls when I am faced with them time and time again. There’s something great waiting for us if we’re willing to work to get there.