n37 Ive always had trouble trying to come up with the right way of describing the helplessness of the pit but, today I had a thought cross my mind that went a long way in summing it up. So imagine that you walk into a dark room when all of a sudden your instantly frozen solid and it’s pitch black. You can’t close your eyes and sleep isn’t a thing. You know you will have to sit motionless and awake for the the next 500 years. Now, there was more to it than just this but maybe that will at least give you the ability to put yourself in the headspace of being helpless. Even though 500 years seems like a long time it still will end, where in hell, there is an infinite amount of eternities within the span of a second and if it happens for real it’s eternal, there is no end to your suffering and fear. I’m thankful daily I was given another chance. It’s terrifying to know that that could have been forever..

. I pray none of you ever know this place.